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Editorial Reviews


“This remarkable memoir is a harrowing, fearless, and brilliantly written account of a heroine’s mystical journey from a life of suffering to one of total freedom. Powerful and timely, this book is full of profound truths and spiritual wisdom that will change the lives of all who read it.” —Tony Robbins, Motivational Speaker, Philanthropist, and author of Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within

"Reading this book not only takes you on Brianna's powerful journey to healing, but awakens a deep spiritual cleansing experience within. It reminds us of how important our Divine gifts are, and no matter the challenges that come, we must nurture and love these parts of ourselves. The uniqueness of who we are is exactly who we are intended to be." —Marla Maples, Mother, Actress, Speaker, and Activist

"Brianna Ladapo’s book is riveting, authentic, and deeply helpful in these chaotic times. Her vulnerable account of suffering and breakthrough is accompanied by coherent practices. It’s a soul map and a beacon of light right when we need it most—as we each and all are 'Emerging from the Darkness.'
—Foster Gamble, Co-creator, Thrive Movies and Movement

"It takes great courage to open up about one's spiritual beliefs and personal transformation stories, and through this work, Brianna proves herself a leader for a new era of authenticity and healing." 
—Sean Stone, Filmmaker, Author, and Media Host

"It is a rare thing today to pick up a book that is able to circumscribe an entirely new territory in thought and spiritual dimension. This accomplishment by Brianna Ladapo is no small feat, issuing from a stunning series of trial-by-fire episodes in her own life geometrically designed to silence the soul. Her gift to the world can now reflect its own gift to her—a stream of consciousness reflected in perfectly attuned words. Reflections at their very best are intended to inspire and to enchant, to elevate and to celebrate, life, relationship, and the grace of God. This remarkable telling by a remarkable author will not disappoint." 
—Sacha Stone

"Brianna Ladapo’s book Emerging from the Darkness is immensely relatable and exceptionally practical. The author brings a sharp, discriminating awareness to her life and the world around us as she courageously confronts her own trauma and the psychopathy of global oppression. Through her honest revelations and skilled storytelling, we get a sense of the bounty that awaits each of us when we stop abdicating our sovereignty and take personal responsibility for our lives."

—Kimberly Carter Gamble

Producer, Director, Co-creator, Thrive Movies and Movement

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